Cafe History

Where Café Saudade now stands there was once housed the historical «Queijadas da Mathilde» “queijada” factory (1888-1974), founded by the strong-willed Mathilde Soares Ribeiro. These particular queijadas (cheese pastry) of Sintra were a favorite of King Ferdinand II, the king who restored the Pena Palace. It was during the 3rd quarter of the 19th century that the king gave the factory founder a stamp marked Mathilde, for the purpose of authenticating the cheese pastries bound for the royal family.

The café was restored by Mary and Luís Pereira and kept true to it’s original form. The year long renovation started in the Autumn of 2008 and the café opened in the summer of 2009.  During this process, recycled and regional materials and resources were used to create an environment that is warm and accommodating.

The still existing physical spaces of the old factory are today a cultural reference in Sintra’s recent historical and gastronomical background. Their preservation allows us a glimpse into the ancient manufacturing process of the typical queijada pastry of Sintra.

Our mission at Saudade is to provide with quality an authentic Portuguese experience for every visitor to Sintra. We accomplish this through both our properties, the café and the Guest House, and with the help of our terrific team of people who work with us. We suggest you wander through Café Saudade’s labyrinthine rooms. Visit our Art Gallery featuring local artists and explore the various rooms with furnishings that we restored with care. We offer literary gatherings, jazz concerts and other cultural events. Sip a tea, eat a scone or a piece of our homemade cakes and pies. Take a break from the beutiful walks you can take in Sintra and fall in love with this fairytale place. Enjoy!

Historical Photographs and Photographs Before Café Renovation